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Writing the movie script of your life

Have you ever struggled to find your focus? Do you ever feel overwhelmed with options and unsure what direction to take each day?

It’s not your fault if you’re unsure about the answers. Odds are, you were never taught how to create a powerful vision of your dream destination in life.

Or what I call, “writing the movie script for your life.”

Find 1-2 hours today and do just that. Then, with your vision in place, you’ll finally know where to focus your energy because you’ll understand what matters. This is the act of finding clarity on your number one priority in life. When you have this vision, you’ll finally be able to plan your perfect day and end each day with a feeling of accomplishment and success.

Plan your life as diligently as you would plan a vacation. Don’t just wake up every day and wing it.

Those who take the haphazard approach of an unplanned life will struggle more.

That’s why I teach people to write a movie script for their life. This vision creation process is simple, but extremely powerful. When you have this plan in place, you can get exactly what you want in life.

Let me prove it to you.

Identifying Detours and Distractions

Having a crystal clear vision for my future not only showed me what to do, but it also taught me which detours in life to avoid.

It showed me where to say “No” and where to say “Yes.” This is often what’s missing from most people’s plans, and it’s why they waste time, money, and energy on things that don’t move them ahead.

You may also feel this way; like there is a gap between where you are in life right now and where you want to be.

This problem exists because you don’t yet have a clear, defined vision for your life.

According to Tony Robbins, most people lose momentum or get distracted when they don’t have a vision. “We all need a compelling future, something that will get us up and excite us. If you don’t have that, life feels very dead for high performers,” he said.

That’s why it’s so important for you to learn how to create your vision. Fortunately, creating your vision and painting a picture of your dream destination is simple.

Think about your favorite movie. You can picture the setting with crystal clarity. Perhaps it’s Leonardo DiCaprio on the bow of the Titanic. Or Tom Hanks storming the beaches in Saving Private Ryan. Or Luke destroying the Death Star in Star Wars. You can picture it. You can hear the sounds. These images have been internalized in your mind

That’s what you need to do with your vision. You need it to be so clear, so concise, and so specific, that you can feel, hear, and see your dreams coming true.

But before we create your vision, let me share with you mine. It will show you a great example of the specificity for your dream destination that you’ll need to create.

Keep in mind, no vision will unfold perfectly. Unexpected twists and turns in life will happen. However, a vision gives you a dream destination to work toward.

Now let’s help you create yours. Your vision must inspire you, your family, your partners, and your employees (if you have them).

Put your passion into it. Create your vision, print it out, keep it with you, and review it regularly so that you stay on track. Use it to inspire you through tough times and dark days, knowing that you will achieve exactly what you want.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step #1 – Write a First Draft

Crafting your vision requires writing the script as if you were living in that destination in the future (I recommend about three to five years from now). Pretend you have already achieved your goals. Knowing the end of the story will allow you to write the chapters required to get you there.

Set aside an hour or two when you are most creative and free from distraction and write your vision without editing. Do not reject any ideas. Do not hold back. Create a big, bold, clear, concise, and specific story.

To help you get started, I’ve created a list of essential questions for you to answer.

Reminder: Make your answers crystal, HD-TV clear.

What does your family look like?
What does your family do and not do?
Who else matters the most in your life?
What have you achieved in your career? (Be big and bold.)
What do you do and what do you refuse to do in your career?
How do you feel about your family and career?
What is the role of you and your family in your community?
What are the most important things you offer your family and through your career?
What is your role in the family and in your career?
Who are you helping in your family and through your career?
What kind of people will you need to hire or connect with for your family or business?
What reputation does your family have and what reputation are you building at work?
What is your mission in life?
What do you want your life’s legacy to be?

Step #2 – Share Your Vision

Congratulations, you have created the first draft.

Your next step is to share it with those who can help you achieve it. This means showing it to your spouse, your mentors, and anyone else who is both supportive of your vision and can provide meaningful feedback.

Do not share your vision with those that will denigrate your efforts or dreams.

Ask your positive social support system for feedback. Take their recommendations and create a second draft.

If you do not have anyone who you can trust with your dreams, simply set aside your vision for at least 24 hours and review it objectively. Question your decisions. Make sure you are creating your vision around what you truly want for your life, not what others want for you.

Step #3 – Re-Write the Final Version of Your Vision

Remember this: The vision for your life is to be written as your roadmap for success and to keep you on track. It prevents you from doing anything else that doesn’t count.

The final result is your Perfect Life Vision 1.0.

Now think bigger.

Despite writing out what you think are your dreams, I’ll bet that you’ve set the bar too low, and that you could do more, achieve more, and have a greater impact. You’re underestimating what you can achieve.

To help you overcome the mistake of not determining your ultimate dream destination, I want to share one question that I ask my clients at my Perfect Life Workshops. This question helps them, and will help you to 10X your vision.

But before I ask you this question you need to be put in the right frame of mind. First, promise me you won’t resist the question. Second, promise me, no matter what your religious beliefs that you’ll keep an open mind.

Yes, it should put you out of your comfort zone.

into existence to accomplish?
Think about this question for at least a day. You must sleep on it, and you may even want to wait a week before answering it. But when you’re ready, come back and re-write your vision with this 10X plan in mind.

You’re here for a reason. You have an impact to make. Don’t hold back. Don’t just make a little dent in the universe. Make a crater. Take a sledgehammer to your Vision 1.0 with the 10X vision for your life.

Vision Creation Isn’t Daydreaming

Listen, creating a vision for your life isn’t just daydreaming or doodling. It’s creating a roadmap for success. It’s writing the movie script for your entire life.

It should not be taken lightly.

Once you have written this movie script and have your vision in place, you can start creating the plan to get there on the straight line to success.

You’ll know when to say “No.”

You’ll know when outside pressures are trying to distract you.

You’ll know where to focus your amazing talent and energy.

When you have this place, you can achieve EXACTLY what you want in life.


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