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Why do Breakups hurt so much ?

Once I saw a man eating fish.

I go up-to him and ask, “Sir, why are you eating that fish?”.

He responds, “Because I love fish”.

“You love fish, which is why you took it out of the water, killed it and boiled it?”.

You dont love that fish, you love yourself.

That’s what most of us do in this world, something known as fish love.

We date someone not because we love them, but because we love ourselves. We love the way the other person makes us feel when we are around them. We are emotionally and physically dependent on them for so many things.
Take them away one fine day, and all of a sudden you feel that your whole world is falling apart.

We don’t see a rationale in letting them go at times for the greater good, for their happiness, because we are so constantly focused on our own.

The day we all start loving someone rather selflessly is the day when breakups wont hurt so much. Knowing the fact that one of the two might just be happier without the other.


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