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Loyalty is a virtue to be mastered

Yes to fall in love with a woman is beautiful, to stay loyal with her is where the love is tested. The temptations of hookups and casual sex becomes too difficult to resist. To control your libido is tough, it becomes even tougher when girls hit on you, when you are surrounded by beautiful women around you. Its get even more difficult when your a lusty soul, the temptations soar high on some days and you just feel like running away rather than confront those feelings of lust, its weird,its strange and in those moments i simply close my eyes think of her face and imagine, what if i cheat, how hurt she would feel and when i do so, i simply withdraw and ask the Lord for help. Meditating on universal powers is a relief, channelizing my energies towards her is the solution but its an art and will take time until i learn it, till then O Heavenly Father help me stay aloof from all temptations.


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