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How to let Love seek you ?


There is nothing sinful in being single. You can live, play and act by your own rules, do what you feel, sleep in the middle of the bed, throw your clothes anywhere, keep your room dirty, no one to bother but at some point, you would surely get a feeling that you wish to share your life with another human. You start dreaming to start a family and enjoy the benefits of being in a lasting, committed relationship. If you are tired of walking solo in this journey of life and are serious about meeting the person of your dreams, Continue reading, you may find a solution
This is the most direct route to attracting the dream partner that you’re seeking :-

1. Note down a list of traits that you absolutely need in a partner.

Even if there are 50 traits that you think your partner should have, When you really sit down and ponder over, you would surely end up refining the list. There would be likely 3 to 5 traits, you would desire your partner has.

Set aside some time and figure out what it is that actually matters to you.


2. Become your list of ‘must-have’s’ traits, learn those virtues

Look at your list and be brutally honest with yourself.

Do you yourself possess those good qualities, are you that good enough to deserve such a wonderful person.

If you aren’t, then you will continue to struggle to attract someone who possesses those traits.

Because the ultimate truth is we don’t attract who we want, we attract who we are.

3. Start working hard and set your life in order

If you want a partner who is a reader, start reading more, go to the library and absorb all the wisdom you could.

If you want a partner who dances, start going to dance classes and dance your heart out

If you want a partner who is fit and sexy, start working on your body, hit the gym, do some yoga and get into a better shape.





In less time than you can imagine, when you start living your life making yourself worth it, a person full of virtues will surely knock your door.

Like. i will give you an example, i have this habit of not washing my socks, i make it up by putting talcum powder in my shoes, so my feet doesn’t stinks. I would be quite proud of my street smartness until one day, i proposed the love of my life, to which she said, “We will discuss love someother day but before that, go wash your socks”. I was like, ok fine, what if i do wash them, will that be a yes. She said, perhaps may be, you never know and winked at me. I grinned.

This is the key friends, fix the issues within, fix yourself and it would surely be a yes.

Happy dating, Happy love.

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  • Nitin
    June 10, 2017

    A good movie can be scripted out of it… 🙂

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