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What makes a “MAN” attractive ?

Stop and think about it for a second. What makes a man attractive?

It’s not his looks or money, as much as the “weak” man would like to blame. It’s not even his conversational skills. Those dry out after a certain moment and a smart woman can see beyond the facade if there is nothing else of greater substance behind the man than just words.

An attractive man is someone that’s on his path and purpose in life. He is confident in himself and he has a clear mission which he sticks to with great dedication. He enjoys the presence of feminine energy in his life because he values the benefits that it brings to his well being, but he is not dependent on it for fulfillment or enlightenment.

Every man knows that his highest purpose in life cannot be reduced to any particular relationship. If a man prioritizes his relationship over his highest purpose, he weakens himself, he does a disservice to the universe, and cheats his woman of an authentic man who can offer his full, undivided presence. Because ironically enough the moment you start giving all your attention to a woman you are denying her the opportunity to immerse herself in a greater world, to dream of a bigger “what if”, to feel that she is contributing with her feminine energy to something bigger than both of you by being at your side.

The core of every man’s life is his purpose. But his purpose in life should never be a woman. Instead of seeking to create value in the world by aligning everything in your life with your true purpose as a creator, by dedicating all your attention to a woman you are now always looking to “take”. Everything you do, even though you think you are doing it for her, you are doing it for yourself, you become selfish because you are always attached to an outcome, a reward of some type from the woman.

The most loving women are the women who will test you the most (in a healthy way). She wants you to be your fullest, most magnificent self. She won’t settle for anything less than a real man. She knows that in your deepest heart you are free, she is aware of your true capacity.

A woman will drench you with love and light as long as you are focused on making a mark on this world. This subconsciously also means that your genes are strong enough and are capable of survival in this random world. By being on your path and purpose in life, she becomes your trusted companion where both of you enrich each others lives instead of feeding off of one another until there is nothing left.

“The moment you shift all your focus only on her, is the moment you are also denying her the opportunity to reach a higher state and in return she will reject you for that”

Anonymous Quoran


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