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If you are passionate, you will be honest

Have you ever watched one of those reality TV singing competitions?

Writing the movie script of your life

Have you ever struggled to find your focus? Do you ever feel overwhelmed with options and unsure what direction to take each day?

Today it is ur turn

When I worked at summer camp, the kids were always much more interesting than the adults.

Are you living your life or not ?

Do you have this feeling like you have more potential than you’re expressing?

Murder the “VICTIM” within you

There is a victim inside all of us. He is competing for our attention every second of the day.

How to exercise daily ?

Do you want to feel better, have more energy and even add years to your life?


We all are living two lives. The life we are living right now,

Issac writes Quote “Gallery”

The essence of love is always there in the coffee of life,

My skin was dark, life full of colours

Though discriminated for my skin color, i fought back all odds to get back my colors of life